Your dog has cool bangs. Thanks for the vid :)

Re/code did a series on the LA tech scene. It’s eating me alive that I’m on the east coast right now. FML. 

It’s cool. I went there in December w/ 1 small suitcase and planned on coming back east in the spring, but I feel in love with the city (and got dumped via text message while I was there).

I just need to gather myself and do a proper move in the fall and REALLY move there.

There’s this designer/blogger named Meng To. I found him last year because I was researching Sketch and he was doing these in-depth posts on his workflow, how to switch from Photoshop, etc. He was really the only person blogging about Sketch in a meaningful way and it helped me (and a lot of others) give it a shot.

Anyway, I also got to learn a bit of his personal story through his twitter and blog posts. He was trying to get to San Francisco for a year but had visa issues. He’s there now, but in that year he couldn’t live there, he traveled and worked all over the place, wrote this really comprehensive Sketch/ios design book that you should buy, and connected with thousands of people online.

I’m using Meng To’s plight as inspiration.

I know I have to make the most of my time back here on the (L)East Coast and set things up so I can make the most of my time when I get back to LA.