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Exclusive: Warhol Goes Pouf. @Fab + Quinze & Milan + Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Reinvent The Brillo Box.

Fab is pleased to announce its collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to introduce a foam Andy Warhol Brillo Box pouf, created by Quinze & Milan. 

Exclusive to Fab.com, these foam stools will be unveiled in-person at MOST in Milan, April 9–14, 2013. The first edition are now on sale on Fab.

The original Warhol Brillo Box sculptures from 1964 that altered western art, popularizing the ubiquitous and commercial, have now come full circle as inspiration for utilitarian objects destined to become design classics. Each is made of Quinze & Milan’s patented high density QM FOAM™ and screen-printed with the iconic Brillo logo.

“Fab’s discerning eye, democratic approach to design and love of art make them the ideal partner for this project and echo Warhol’s philosophy, best summed up by his own words, ‘Pop Art is for everyone’,” states Michael Hermann, The Andy Warhol Foundation’s Director of Licensing. “It is this democracy of design and connection with the world’s leading artists and designers that attracts millions to Fab.com”

Bradford Shellhammer, Founder and Chief Design Officer of Fab: “Andy Warhol’s philosophy provides much inspiration at Fab. Quinze & Milan are trusted partners who make designs that make people smile. So it goes without saying that Fab is immensely proud to be the launch partner for a project that takes our wildest dreams about what design can be and makes them a reality. With the Andy Warhol Brillo Box pouf, Quinze & Milan merges innovation and function with an artistic masterpiece, and makes it accessible to everyone. It brings a cultural icon back to the spotlight in a user-friendly form.”

Tom DeGres, CEO, Quinze & Milan: “For Quinze & Milan to be involved in such a prestigious project is both an honor and a showcase for our proprietary technology. The involvement and commitment towards the quality and integrity of this design from all the parties involved, show that we all share the same respect and passion for Andy Warhol’s oeuvre.”

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