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For the Six Straight Year, We're On The Verge Of NFC In The iPhone »


Kelly Hodgkins:

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple is choosing NFC as the key technology for its mobile payments system, with semiconductor company NXP likely providing the necessary wireless hardware. NXP has an existing relationship with Apple, supplying the M7 motion-sensing chip found in the iPhone 5s.

Is this the fifth straight or six straight year that Apple has been said to be including NFC in the forthcoming iPhone? I’ve lost count. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually, but it’s especially hard to take this seriously. Also, Apple is clearly wed to Bluetooth LE. Do they want another chip in the ever-slimming and power-efficient phone?

I’ve been using this ISIS mobile wallet on my phone for the past 6 months because they keep giving me tons of free money, but I wouldn’t be using it if they didn’t give me free stuff/money. (I think i’ve gotten over $350 back and have had maybe 30 free jamba juices).  

Mobile payment doesn’t really solve any problem for me. It’s not more convenient than a credit card. I guess it might be a little bit safer since you need to use a pin number and unlock my phone, but usually i end up standing in line for an extra minute while I try to get it to scan correctly (mis-scans often). 

ANYWAY, the point of this post is that even with a several year head start, Android hasn’t been able to make mobile payments go mainstream. They’ve spent a ton of money putting in payment systems in McDonald’s and in public transportation systems, etc.. but every time I use it the cashier looks surprised that it even exists and usually has to call over a manager.

How do they fail so badly at getting the word out about this feature? THE DAY Apple releases an NFC payment system it will be mainstream. A million people will use it. And then more people will start using the various Android solutions. Android has to piggyback off of Apple marketing on everything. This our version of *insertappleproductname*.

How hard is it to get on stage and be like “this is our revolutionary feature and this is why you should use it”? How come on Apple can do this for some reason?